2013 NFL Week 12 Expert Pick Results


Week 12 was full of surprises. The toughest week (highest aRisk of any week for Mr. Perfect at 0.991) had the worst expert win percentage (50.4%), the second worst top record (10-3), the worst bottom record (3-10) and was the first time that Mr. Contrarian beat the Straight and Narrow at 7-6 vs 6-7. Needless to say it was the worst record for Mr. Straight and Narrow. 34 experts had losing records.

Having said all that, the story of the week is FOXSports.com‘s John Halpin who pulled the top record for the second consecutive week, and now finds himself in a dead heat for first place with Bleeding Green Nation‘s Brent Cohen. Ron Jaworski still sits two games back. But probably the most interesting week is from CBSSports.com‘s Josh Katzowitz who inexplicably went 3-10. Every one of his wins went by way of favorites, so one can deduce just how wild the pick sheet looks. He has a lot of favorites, and since only 6 favorites won, the three underdogs he chose managed to lose (Browns, Jets, and Redskins), in a week where underdogs won a majority of the games. It made me believe a total loss is possible, if a guy gets lucky enough (or unlucky as it were).

Wow. Clearly it’s still anyone’s season, so be sure to check back next week when I analyze your favorite NFL prognosticator’s picks to death.


2013 NFL Week 12 Picks


2013 NFL Week 12 Partial Picks


2013 NFL Week 12 Season Picks


2013 NFL Week 12 Partial Season Picks

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