2013 NFL Week 14 Expert Pick Results


This was a deceptively tricky week, with the third highest expert win percentage (75%, 12-4) implying a very easy one, but a 1.148 Risk+ relative to other weeks despite having 5 near perfect favorites (Broncos, Patriots, Ravens, Cardinals, and Chiefs) for Mr. Straight-and-Narrow (who only selects favorites) pointing again to the notion that our experts are either less certain than in previous weeks or more willing to take risk, The third lowest Mr. Perfect Risk+ resulted in the lowest relative marginal Risk (mRisk+) of any week by a long shot (0.533 out of 1.00). As such, none of our experts had losing records, but three went 8-8.

Tom Pelissero of USA Today picked up a game when the Bears won last night, and KC Joyner of ESPN.com got his first loss when the Bears decimated the Cowboys to each go 15-1. And Brent Cohen of Bleeding Green Nation (147-60) once again took advantage, finishing in the top five yet again (14-2) and gaining adding another two games to his lead on second place  FOXSports.com‘s John Halpin (143-64).

Halpin’s going to need a little luck in upcoming months or Cohen’s just going to run away with it. Three more weeks, plenty can change. Check back again next week to see if Halpin can make up some ground or if a dark horse makes his/her move.


2013 NFL Week 14 Picks


2013 NFL Week 14 Partial Picks


2013 NFL Week 14 Season Picks


2013 NFL Week 14 Partial Season Picks

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