2013 NFL Week 15 Expert Pick Results


For only the second time this season, Mr. Contrarian did just as well as Mr. Straight-and-Narrow, both going 8-8. Nobody had the Chargers, only one expert had the Vikings (Mike Kaye of Bleeding Green Nation), and only three experts took the Rams (Shannon Sharpe, Chris Mortensen, and Rich Eisen). And the other five upsets – except the Miami Dolphins – were pretty heavy underdogs.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. After spending the entire season in the cellar, Shannon Sharpe found himself atop the weekly leaders along with CBSSports.com columnist Dave Richard. In fact, the last two weeks have had a bigger impact on the bottom of the board then at the top of the season leaders. Sharpe jumped seven spots, but the top five remains unchanged with BGN‘s Brent Cohen (156-67) still 4 games up on FOXSports.com‘s John Halpin (152-71).. Time is really running out with only two weeks remaining in the season, Cohen just needs to avoid a big egg moving forward, and he should be waltzing into the end zone.

Nonetheless, crazier things have happened (did you watch that Packers game?), so be sure to check back and see how things shake out.


2013 NFL Week 15 Picks


2013 NFL Week 15 Partial Picks


2013 NFL Week 15 Season Picks


2013 NFL Week 15 Partial Season Picks

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