2013 NFL Week 4 Expert Pick Results


Another strong week for ESPN’s Ron Jaworski who tied for first with Ty Schalter of Bleacher Report back getting 12 wins. As their Risk scores would dictate, they both accomplished the feat in very different ways. Jaws’ big “upsets” were the Lions, Chargers, and Patriots, and his three losses were big favorites, the Steelers, Ravens, and Bengals. Schalter on the other hand easily picked the riskiest schedule, and it apparently paid off. He took the Bills, Chargers, Vikings, and Patriots and lost with the Raiders and Jets (both pretty big underdogs).

The St. Louis Post Dispatch‘s Dan Caesar had a strong enough week, going 10-5, to stay ahead of Jaworski who picked up two games and now sits only a game back. At 48-15 Caesar is the only one with a 75%+ win percentage. And no surprise, our newcomer Ty Schalter has chosen the riskiest schedule this season meanwhile only being 3 games back of Caesar. Mike Freeman, Bleacher Report’s recent acquire from CBSSports.com is only a little behind on risk (these two are way out front), but his picks haven’t panned out nearly as well as he is now 11 games back of the leader.

Once again, thanks to you we’ve added 13 new experts to our list and we’ve got more in the queue for next week (please contact our administrator at admin@sportsmediamonitor.com if you are an expert who would like to be tracked or know of an expert who should be), and continue to reform our layout for clarity. Be sure to check back next week to see how things shake out!

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2013 NFL Week 4 Picks

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2013 NFL Week 4 Partial Picks

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