2013 NFL Week 8 Expert Pick Results


It happened. Mr. Perfect met his match this week. And if ever there were a week when it was bound to happen, this was it. Ty Schalter of Bleacher Report and Jarrett Bell of USA Today Sports turned in a perfect 13-0 performance this week. But lets take a look at the numbers. You know. Put in a little effort here.

To go perfect this week you needed by far the lowest aRisk of any week yet (0.393 per game) which translated to a 0.550 Risk+ when compared to Mr. Perfects of weeks past. In other words, these guys only took 55% as much risk. That’s after already accounting for the fact that there were only 13 games.

Mr. Straight-And-Narrow went 10-3 with a 76.9% win percentage, the best of any week yet, and for the second time, every single expert turned in a winning record. 14 experts went the straight and narrow (one more than in week 6) The worst record was posted by ESPN’s Merril Hoge at 8-5 (61.9%) which contributed to the highest overall expert win% at 80.7% (Week 2 was 73.5%). Interestingly, and not surprisingly, the marginal risk required to go from picking pure favorites to a perfect record was far and away the lowest yet at 0.675 (Week 2 was 0.935 and the highest was 1.248 in week 6).

Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing for people. Here are a couple definitions to help.

aRisk = Average Risk per game

Risk+ = Risk divided by average Risk of all experts

Ron Jaworski still holds a slim two game lead over St. Louis Post Dispatch‘s Dan Caesar and Bleeding Green Nation’s Brent Cohen. The complete results are listed below. Be sure to check back next week to see how things shake out, and contact our administrator at admin@sportsmediamonitor.com if you are an expert who would like to be tracked or know of an expert who should be. There are only 13 games again so don’t expect any big changes, but look for another challenger to Mr. Perfect.

Week 8 Expert Picks

2013 NFL Week 8 Picks (1)

Week 8 Partial Picks

2013 NFL Week 8 Partial Picks

Expert Picks Season Standings

2013 NFL Week 8 Season Picks (1)

Partial Picks Season Standings

2013 NFL Week 8 Partial Season Picks

 *Sports Media Monitor Expert Pick Analysis is conducted by SMM’s analysts using SMM’s algorithms. While the calculation and methodology are scientific, the means for selecting “the experts” is not. If you are an expert, you know of an expert who you’d like to have tracked, or spot an error in our content, please email our administrator at admin@sportsmediamonitor.com. In order to be considered for tracking, experts must belong to a reputable publication or program, or demonstrate a certain level of respectability

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