Shirtless Guy VideoBombs David Pollack On College GameDay

Shirtless GameDay Clemson

Why do I want to watch a drunk guy shake his manboobs shirtless? I don’t know, because it’s funny, I guess. Sometimes it isn’t, but this time, it definitely was.

College GameDay is known for the way it embraces college fanaticism: the posters, the face paint, the loud cheering, and of course, the drunk bear-chested guy hula dancing on his buddy’s shoulders.

I’m not always a fan of the riff raff in the background of this program, nor do I want to encourage the masses that will no doubt endeavor to repeat the performance in the upcoming weeks, but this guy was so funny. Somehow he manages to swing to either side of panelist David Pollack‘s head, taking far more coordination than someone should ever have who is in the kind state of impaired judgment that would allow them to attempt it.

Pollack loved it. So did everyone else.


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On 10-24-2013 at 2:51PM
I saw this live. It was pure gold. About halfway through you can tell the guys at the main desk were paying no attention to what Pollack was saying.